Motivational Speaking Services

UPDATE: As of fall 2016, Monique has teamed up with 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist and 2016 Assistant Chef-du-Mission, Carol Huynh. Carol currently serves as the Next Generation Coach with Canada Wrestling. She holds a Masters degree in counselling psychology. Together, Monique and Carol have put together a dynamic motivational speaking presentation targeted towards youth. They are also open to speaking to older audiences. Contact Monique at 403-870-0654 or prusikyouthservices@me.com for more information.

Motivational Speaking

In addition to Prusik’s  youth counselling services, starting in January 2013, Prusik therapist, Monique Smith, is teaming up with 2012 Olympian (freestyle wrestling), Leah Callahan (Callahanleah.com), to bring a dynamic motivational speaking presentation targeted towards youth. Our speaking services will be offered in Calgary and Canada wide. Upon request, Leah and Monique can cater their presentation to both younger and older audiences.

Tackling Youth Issues: Bullying. Suicide Pacts. Peer Pressure.

Today’s youth are experiencing stresses and pressures unlike any other generation. Biologically their brains aren’t fully developed, and yet the decisions they make can have a lifelong impact on themselves and others. As a youth counsellor and an Olympic level athlete, we hear a lot of people asking what can be done to help youth through this challenging phase. Our game plan helps youth life empowering decisions.

Recently the story of Amanda Todd, a grade ten student who committed suicide after posting a youtube video telling her story of experiencing bullying and depression, was highlighted in the media. Also recently highlighted, was the story of teen suicide pacts in Vancouver. Unfortunately, these stories are becoming all too common. We are aware of these issues and are passionate about being part of the solution. However, instead of specifically targeting the symptomatic behaviours, we  want to go straight to the ROOT of the problem. We want to help youth understand WHY they make the decisions that they do by learning HOW the brain processes information in both the limbic system (emotional brain) and cortex (thinking brain). Our presentation teaches the danger of acting out on emotion without giving any thought to the consequences of the specific behaviour.

Providing An Emotional-Health, Decision-Making Game Plan: The STRONG Skills

Teenagers experience many things: From a bad hair day to the unimaginable. Some things they can’t control; But what they can control is their decisions and response to those events. In our experience, people often learn from THE SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS, and we’ve personally found this to be an unpleasant experience! Wouldn’t it be much better if youth were taught the emotional skills necessary to navigate through life? We think so!

Our presentation doesn’t just give youth knowledge about the consequences; WE PROVIDE A GAME PLAN FOR BETTER DECISION MAKING.

Using multi-media (including clips about Leah’s olympic journey from the highly-acclaimed The Sticking Place Film), wrestling demos and crowd interaction, this is a presentation that engages youth, keeping them entertained while teaching important life skills.

Our presentation “Build a STRONGer Brain” teaches youth the STRONG skills (Sleep; Take Medication if applicable; Resist Substances; One Competent thing a day; Nutrition; Get exercise) as part of a tangible game plan for better decision making.

For more information on how to book Prusik’s Motivational Speaking Services and our presentation, “Build a STRONGer Brain,” contact Monique at 403-870-0654 or via e-mail at prusikyouthservices@me.com.