Prusik sees clients in a home-based office in Northwest Calgary (near the Crowfoot C-train station). Prusik is also mobile and will meet clients at referring agencies and schools within the city of Calgary when deemed appropriate. If in-office appointments are not an option, Prusik can provide online counselling services. Please contact Prusik for more information.

Monique Smith, MSW RSW

Prusik Counselling & Youth Mentorship Services



*Please note that no email server can guarantee 100% privacy/encryption from hackers. Prusik use Apple iCloud (iCloud uses a minimum of 128-bit AES encryption—the same level of security employed by major financial institutions). While there is a relatively low probability of any given e-mail being intercepted, please use discretion before sending sensitive information in an e-mail.

*Youth under the age of 18 must have a guardian approval prior to receiving face-to-face or online counselling unless mandated and referred to counselling by probation or a court of law.