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In my counselling practice, I often teach clients the difference between dreams and goals. Goals are SPECIFIC, MEASURABLE, ATTAINABLE, REALISTIC, and TIMELY (SMART). Dreams, on the other-hand, are those really cool ideals that we have. Sometimes our dreams come true; Sometimes they don’t. I say, never stop dreaming, just make sure that you have some tangible goals along the way to work towards that dream.

I’m writing this blog as both a counsellor and a photographer. I wrote a very similar blog on my photography website (, but felt that it would be a good fit for my counselling blog as well. My goal in sharing this information is that perhaps someone will be inspired to share their dream, and perhaps in the process of doing so, find it to be an uplifting and perhaps therapeutic experience!

Read on!

The Sticking Place Film Dream Map Project

Last fall I became involved in a project called, “The Sticking Place,” an interactive online documentary following freestyle wrestler, Leah Callahan’s, journey towards making the London 2012 Olympic team. As the official still’s photographer, my photos of Leah were used in both the making and marketing of the documentary, appearing in media publications across the country. Today The Sticking Place Film has some exciting news:

“We’ve spent our summer over here at TSP headquarters concocting an exciting follow up project to The Sticking Place. So, we’re as pleased as punch to announce that our brand new Dream Map is up and running and ready for some world-wide participatory storytelling magic!

Just like Leah, Olympic wrestler + star of The Sticking Place documentary, we all have dreams + passions that keep our lives interesting. The Dream Map is a space where YOU can contribute YOUR OWN wisdom to this evolving exploration of what it means to journey towards a sticking place. Take some time to visit the new interactive map, submit a video message (about a journey you’re on or maybe about someone/something that has inspired you to live passionately), and check out the other amazing sticking place stories that others have contributed so far!

As Leah says, “Sharing your journey makes it all the more real!” Share your own journey with us on The Sticking Place Dream Map, and be an active part of this growing movement!”

If you haven’t already done so, check out The Sticking Place Film and submit your Dream Map.

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